• Genesis (EP)

    This EP was released in on June 25, 2013. It was the result of winning a nationwide competition hosted by Guitar Center. I was hand-selected by 2 time Grammy winner, T-Pain and created this amazing 3-song EP. Within it's first week of sales, it amassed over 40K downloads, was featured on the front page of iTunes' R&B/Soul genre for 6 weeks and received high praises from some of the most distinguished music blog/websites on the net. From this project, a new music video for the song "Trouble" was released on May of 2014.

  • Songs About H.E.R.

    Songs About H.E.R. was independently released on November 11, 2011. This album represents a lengthy and rather insightful introspective process for attempting to find the meaning and purpose in all relationships Manny has experienced in his personal life. H.E.R. stands for Having Experience Relationships and in this album, Manny dedicates his time and energy towards making sure his most honest and deepest sentiments and perspectives are captured. If you want to get to know Manny X - The Songwriter - THIS is album to listen to. From this album, many songs were released that captured the hearts of my fans. One of which was "Forever Yours" which has amassed over 4 million play (collectively) on youtube, and "i Just Want To Know", which was the song/music video that led to T-Pain and Guitar Center discovering Manny's talents and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime as the grand prize winner of Guitar Center's "Your Next Record" competition.